Blessings and Charge for a new School Year

Back-to-School Blessing
by the Rev. Marilyn E. Thornton

Bless my paper and my pen.
Guide my spirit deep within.
Help me think and help me play,
This whole school year, day by day.

As I move from class to class,
Guide my footsteps; clear my path.
Keep my tongue to speak your words.
Let your will for me be heard.

In every subject high or low,
May God's excellence be shown!
Keep me strong to reach the prize,
To grow in grace, becoming wise.

Whether far from home or near,
May I hold God's precepts dear.
To do my best at every task;
For this blessing, I do ask.

Help my family be a part
As I lift my mind and heart.
As I study, work, and pray,
Be with them throughout the day.

Of whom much is given, much is required.
May learning be your greatest desire!


To our families, students and school leaders:

Go into the world, your schools, your homes and be Christ’s light!

Let your lights not be diminished in the midst of change. Let them find ways to shine even brighter.

Be the light of love to all.

Be the light of patience when days are long, when technology does not work, when new ways of doing things are hard.

Be the light to shine on new ideas and new ways of learning.

Be thankful for the lights of others who work hard to create fun, engaging, and challenging ways to lead our students.

Be the light of joy for a new school year, new friends, and new ways of learning.

You are the light of the world!

Go into the world and shine bright with kindness, patience, energy and love!