Special Days at Mt. Carmel Preschool

Below is a small sampling of some of the special days/activities we have throughout the year.

  • Pizza Day

    Pull out your chef's hat!  It's time for everyone to make their own pizza.  YUMMY!

  • Pumpkin Patch field trip

    Every year we visit Mt. Carmel's Pumpkin Patch!  Always a BLAST!

  • Annual Turkey Trot

    We're on our 6th Annual Turkey Trot!  We make turkey t-shirts, run a .37k around the parking lot, and receive medals.

  • Annual nativity play

    Every year our three and four year olds perform the story of The Nativity.

  • Pancakes in our PJ's

    We invite everyone to wear their PJ's to school!  We have pancakes, bacon, and applesauce for lunch!

  • Visit from the tooth Fairy's Assistant

    We end our unit on Dental Hygiene with a visit from the Tooth Fairy's Assistant.  She teaches us all about taking care of our teeth!

  • Read Across Mt. Carmel Day

    On this day, everyone is invited to dress up as their favorite book character and bring in a book to be read to the class.

  • Waffle Wednesday

    We have waffles, bacon, and yogurt parfaits for lunch.  Yes, please!

  • Annual Easter egg Hunt

    Easter egg hunts are the BEST!

  • End of the year blast!

    A day long celebration which includes: face painting, temporary tattoos, car wash, toe fishing, bubbles, chalk painting, and pizza lunch!

  • Graduation day!

    We hold a special graduation ceremony for our kiddos heading to Kindergarten.