Adults - Connect with one another

Mt Carmel is a great place to grow in your faith and friendships!
As you peruse these ministry pages, consider how God is calling

you to grow as a disciple and make a difference in the lives of others.

  • United  Women In faith

    The United Women in Faith (previously UMW) meets throughout the year on Sundays after church services for fellowship and lunch.  We support the Men’s Club barbecue by running a Sweet Shop.  We faithfully donate to the UWF charities.  All are welcome to come join.

  • Men's Ministry

    The Mt. Carmel UMM meets several times each year.  Our biggest program is the spring and fall BBQ.  This event raises the funds we utilize for the various ministries we support each year.  These include the Neighborhood Cooperative Ministry (NCM), Girls and Boy Scouts, Meals on Wheels, Mt. Carmel VBS, Murphy Harpst and Mt. Carmel Youth Group.


    The UMM have an annual retreat each year in February.  This event typically involves a work day in support of the Appalachian Children’s Center in Ellijay, Bible study, hiking and fellowship.  All men of the church are considered members of the UMM and encouraged to participate in our programs.

  • book Club

    Book Club meets at 10:00 AM the first Friday of most months. Dates and monthly book selections are publicized in the church newsletter. We also plan occasional fun field trips, having visited The Whistle Stop Cafe and The Tate House at Christmastime among other great destinations!

  • Sunday Mornings with reverend Lynne

    We bring our camping chairs and gather at 8:45am in the big parking lot on Sunday mornings to attend to God's activity in us and in our surrounding community. After a time of fellowship, we begin worship through a prayer practice that focuses our attention on God's presence. Then an orienting question guides our exploration of Scripture and invites conversation that includes things learned through experience, tradition, and scientific inquiry. Reflecting on our shared conversation points to how God might be calling us to act in community. We close with prayer and usually linger for additional fellowship.

    All are welcome. Scripture verses are published in the church newsletter for those who enjoy a time of preparation. The emphasis of the experience is on listening, learning, growing in our faith, and supporting others in their faith journey.

  • Lenten Bible Studies

    Join us this season for two Bible Study opportunities: 

    Wednesday Lenten Study with Pastor Lori Osborn: Feb 21 - March 20

    10am - 11am OR 6pm - 7pm in the Hope House
    Monday Night Zoom Study with Dr. Boyd Whaley: Feb 19 - March 25 6:45-8pm Register
    HERE to receive link and details