The season of Lent is approaching and the Stewardship Committee has a suggestion and a request for your consideration. We invite you to use this special time to reflect upon the "silver linings" or good things that have come to you in the last year. We hope that focusing on these points of light in our lives will bring us all renewed energy and a fresh appreciation for the blessings we have in friends, family, and faith. Please also consider sharing of yourselves with a smile, a good deed, thought, and/or prayers. We'd love to capture some of your reflections in quick videos that could be shared more broadly before our church sermons. Use your phone to tape you message and pass it on to Rev. Michael. Thank you!

And, for those of you who plan to give something up for Lent, please consider saving any monetary value of what you give up and add this to your offerings to the church. This would be so very helpful. Thank you.

If you have any ideas for Stewardship efforts this year, please reach out to any of the members listed below. Thank you!!

In Christ,
Cynthia Currence, Danny Bennett, Mark Bond, Thad Thompson, Emily Thompson,

Shawn O'Leary, Lorrie Ignatius