ON-Site worship activity determination

Our Pastor and Leadership Team continue to closely monitor the ever changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic in our area. We are committed to doing all we can to proactively protect and care for our congregation and community.


Mount Carmel UMC will be utilizing the guidance suggested by the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church in regard to resuming in-person worship and activities.


In an attempt to provide consistency for decision making within our geographical location, we will use the guidelines from the website

– If Gwinnett County is RED, we will return to full closure. Staff will work from home and outdoor areas will be closed to groups.

– If we are
ORANGE, staff will be on site and outdoor areas will be available to groups and for outside worship gatherings.

– If we are YELLOW, we will hold in-person worship in the sanctuary with social distancing and a limited order of worship.


– If we are GREEN, we will begin to open other parts of the building to groups with social distancing and other safety restrictions.


Any worship decisions will be made based on the risk level on the Thursday afternoon prior to Sunday.

This will take the guesswork out of our decisions to move forward, reverse our course, or make necessary changes. This will also make our process observable by the congregation and the community.


Understand, this may mean starting and stopping onsite gatherings as we have had to do. Our goal is to provide the onsite opportunities when we are able to do so, even if it is for a limited time. The priority is to make the best decisions for the health of our congregation.


Gwinnett County’s current level is RED and the trend is growing. For that reason, Mount Carmel UMC has temporarily put on hold our In-House and Outdoor Worship Services and other on-site activities.

When Gwinnett County is consistently trending ORANGE we will resume our outdoor worship service.

When Gwinnett County is consistently trending YELLOW we will resume our In-House Sanctuary Worship service. 

And, hopefully one day we will reach GREEN.

In the meantime we are providing an alternate means of worship with our Online Worship Service and we are also mailing out a hard copy version for those without internet access.  We are exploring alternative ways to engage the congregation in active ministry in order to keep us connected.

I am grateful for the clarity this system will provide us in this ever changing COVID-19 landscape. It will allow Mount Carmel UMC to utilize a consistent resource that will allow us to prioritize safety as we move forward.  Let us continue to keep our focus on God’s mercy, grace, peace and hope in this current trial. With God all things are possible. We will get through this.




color code chart